Clear Vision Express proudly offers a vast array of lens types and lens add-ons to perfectly suit every client; from the simplest, most budget conscious prescription to the most difficult prescription or technologically advanced and sophisticated lens.


Lens options

  • Progressive – For distance, working on computers,and reading, without lines.
    We now offer digital design lenses.
  • Ultra Thin – High Index 1.74
  • Thin – High Index 1.67
  • Anti-reflective – Coating that eliminates glare from computer
    screens and overhead lights. These lenses are good for night driving.
  • Transition – Lenses that change from light to dark, depending on the light.
  • Polarized – Glare-resistant lens that allows for true color perception.
  • Polycarbonate – Impact-resistant and lighter weight.
  • UV Protection
  • Single Vision Lens
  • Bi-Focals
  • Tri-Focals
  • Low Index
  • Mid Index
  • Digital
  • Tinted